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Improve Your Ranking
Improve Your Ranking

Improve the SERP of your business and gain positions on Google, Yahoo, Alexa Rank and Marketplaces.

Gain Notoriety
Gain Notoriety

91% of clicks on Google are made on the first page. Capture this audience and generate new leads.

Google Analytics Safe
Google Analytics Safe

Choose a quality traffic acquisition strategy that complies with the Google Analytics algorithm.

Geo Targeting
Geo Targeting

Choose the location of your traffic according to your needs. More than 37+ countries are available.

IP unique par visite
Unique IP for each visit

Visitors from search engines interact on your website, and are interested in your content.

Targeted Keywords
Targeted Keywords

Choose the most relevant keywords of your industry and drive organic web traffic.

Fast Activation
Fast Activation

Receive your traffic within 30 minutes. UpSEO is automated and works for you 24/7

Settings Control
Settings Control

Set up our software among 12 different features in 3 minutes!

Smart Pricing
Smart Pricing

We encourage you in your long-term SEO strategy. Up to 30% discount on your projects.


Improve your Local Ranking

Take your website's ranking to a higher level on Google, Alexa Rank, and Similar Web in a targeted country or region. A website at the top of the ranking gains credibility with its customers.

Upseo generates high quality web traffic compatible with the best analysis tools such as Kissmetrics, Yandex Metrica, Chartbeat, Piwik and Google Analytics. With UpSEO, you can automatically generate more traffic for your site, establish brand credibility, generate user-friendly web pages and make more profit.


UPSEO is Easy-To-Use

UpSEO is known for providing a leading traffic for boosting statistics. The traffic delivered by Upseo has a 100% real human behavior. You can configure your web traffic among more than 12 different features.

UpSEO will help you in choosing organic visits and select the most relevant keywords. You can select direct, social or referral traffic and choose the source of the visits! Once you start using this software you will get habitual and feel very easy and simple to use.


Highlight Your Offers

Web Traffic can improve the ranking of your offers on different marketplaces. By sending traffic on your services and products, you increase their visibility and search engines highlight your offer to visitors.

UpSEO tools will help in making your market value. Moreover, Upseo is compatible with the following marketplaces: UpWork, Fiverr gigs, Ebay, Amazon, Etsy.

So what are you waiting for get yourself registered with us today and start making thousands of leads!

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How We Calculate Our Visits

We deliver high- quality traffic to cater to all your needs. If you want large traffic for your business then we can deliver millions of visits per month.

We are known to be professionals in this field. If you have any query then you can pay a visit to our website.

Do you need countries that are not listed? Contact us today we will arrange the delivery.

Extra Earning Options

Become Our Affiliate And Earn 50% Commission!

Multiply your monthly passive income by becoming official UpSEO reseller. You can earn from 40% to 50% commission fee for each purchase made by your referred users. You don’t have to worry about your earning because all the stats are available in our Reseller Dashboard. This makes your earnings an easy and pleasant task.

Available Packages

Pricing Plans


$ 19

per month

20,000 visitors

(~ 666 visits per day)

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$ 49

per month

60,000 visitors

(~ 2000 visits per day)

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$ 89

per month

150,000 visitors

(~ 5000 visits per day)

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$ 189

per month

360,000 visitors

(~ 12,000 visits per day)

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Custom Plans Available

Please contact us to discuss your special requirements. We can deliver unlimted visits and advanced, bespoke features.

Feature Comparison

  Entry Advanced Business Corporate
Estimated visits 20,000 60,000 150,000 360,000
Google Analytics Safe
Geo Targeting
Use the best Keywords
Unique IP for each visit
Speed Traffic
Bounce Rate Control
Session Duration Control
Language Control
Navigation Funnels
Traffic Type
Returning Visitors
Analytics Table
Advanced Statistics
Smart Traffic
Bitly Shortener
Navigation Path URLs 3 3 5 11

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Upseo helps to improve my SERP?

Google ranks websites according to their traffic volume and quality. Upseo provides high quality traffic that you can control and adjust with multiple features. In addition, Upseo adapts its system to the Google algorithm so that traffic has a maximum influence on your SEO. The acquisition of traffic by keywords is a leverage effect playing in favour of your SEO and testifies to the popularity of your website.


We have limited time trial accounts for testing purposes, you can activate one by clicking on "Free Trial". If you are already registered, you have a free demo credit on your account that you can use to create a limited 1-Day demo project.


It is an automated traffic, we use real web browsers with automation to create it. This means that the traffic has a 100% human behaviour acting according to the defined parameters. However, it will not purchase on your website, but allows you to rank your website to get real qualified visitors, who will be able to buy on your website. We guarantee that all traffic is recorded in your Google Analytics.


What is a traffic bot generator ?

A traffic bot generator is a software that will allow you to generate visits to your website, each visit has a different and unique IP address to improve the general traffic related to the site in question. A traffic bot generator will allow you to create a commitment on your website according to the different keywords of your choice. The goal is to reach the position 0 on these keywords.

Why Should you buy website traffic to rank on Google ?

Generating traffic to your website improves its ranking on search engines such as Google, the more visits your website will get and the more easily and quickly it will be referenced. You will then be able to aim for the first position on search engines according to the keywords related to your activity. Of course it is a complementary solution, you will have to optimize your site correctly so that it meets the standards of referencing imposed by Google.

How to use a bot to generate website traffic ?

Many parameters are available to generate traffic to your website, traffic generating bots will allow you to achieve this result faster and more efficiently, you can choose up to more than 360000 visits per month depending on the size of your website. Of course if you have a new website it will be better to choose a lower number of visits in order to increase its visibility more efficiently.

How to use a bot to send traffic on your site ?

The Bot best known for its performance is called Upseo, it will allow you to send traffic on your website thanks to many parameters such as location, frequency of traffic, traffic generated according to the time of day (more visits during the day and less at night), source of traffic (organic, referral, direct, etc ...). Or the keywords you want to use to generate visits.

What is the purpose of the traffic software upseo ?

Thanks to the Upseo software you will be able to generate many visits on your website in relation to keywords you choose, so it will allow you to improve the general referencing of your website on search engines to aim for the zero position specific to the keywords of your choice. Indeed the more a site generates visits and the more it will be referenced quickly.

How to seo rank your blog with a traffic bot ?

If you have a blog it will be very useful to use this kind of solution, it will allow you to rank your site in the top search in front of the sites of your competitors. If for example you have a travel blog then you will be able to choose keywords related to the subject of your blog that were missing on those keywords more easily when normal weather. However SEO is a method that takes a lot of time and is done on the medium and long term. Therefore Upseo is a complementary tool that will allow you to achieve the same results faster.

Does upseo generate organic traffic ?

You also have the possibility to choose the source of the traffic as organic, i.e. natural. Each IP address used is residential (it is the same IP address as your Internet access box) and therefore unique. The generated visits behave like a classic user, you also have the possibility to choose the time of each navigation on your different pages and the scrolling rate on it.

How to use upseo to get referral traffic ?

Thanks to Upseo you will be able to choose the source of the referential traffic on the website of your choice. For example, you can generate visits from another website. If you want the visits generated on your website (thanks to the traffic bot) to come from Facebook, then you just have to choose the source of the traffic in "referral" and to indicate the URL of the website in question, in this case: "".

What is "Smart Traffic"?

Smart Traffic option allows you, to receive a smart traffic distribution according to your time zone (which you can select). This option allows you to intelligently quantify traffic: more traffic during the day, less traffic at night.


In demo project, you can only use domains that are not yet in our database. We also do not accept shortcuts, redirection or affiliate links; for such URLs, please use a paid project.


The bounce rate is a percentage of visitors who looked at only one page and closed the browser immediately. Keep in mind that a higher bounce rate reduces the traffic you receive because we need to close the browser very quickly and avoid creating additional page views for the visit.


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