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Do you want to boost the ranking of your webite ?

For websites that are starting, building a significant source of traffic depends on consumer awareness. This visibility is built through content, social media, advertising and SEO and, as we all know, it is difficult to stand out in the already congested online arena. However, there are a lot of tools and software that you can use to boost your website ranking and get more traffic, thus providing a large amount of organic visits. This is how traffic generators come into play…


With traffic exchanges, the quality of the visitor is generally low – and it will be difficult to convert. There is, however, the possibility to make a sale because it is always real people who visit your site. If your offers are really great, you could win a few customers this way, and every little action counts. Traffic bot, on the other hand, is essentially a fake traffic to test the loading limit of a site. Impossible to imagine a conversion but they can still help you to improve in the SERPs.

If you need help to boost your website ranking, traffic generators could be the way to proceed, temporarily. These are not long-term solutions, but they can put you on the right track by creating the necessary awareness for a significant source of visitors. Here are four traffic generators for building a beginning of attention around your site.

There are our secrets tools to quickly boost your website ranking :


Website Ranking Tools

1. Active Web Traffic


Active Web Traffic is a generator that allows you to focus real visitors to your website. It includes almost everything you need to promote your site in the SERPs. Considering that the software is to lead real people to your site, it is possible to convert visitors into customers.

The software costs $70 and is currently in its ninth version. With a constant flow of visitors, Active Traffic Web provides tools for keyword research, conversion analysis and other useful features.

2. Can AddMeFast boost your website ranking ?


Social media is a huge part of SEO. No matter how well social traffic signals are incorporated into ranking algorithms, social media do not provide the ability to continuously discover your web page.
This was noted by many people, including a Forbes contributor, Jason DeMers, when he said: “Without social media, your incoming traffic is limited to people already known with your brand and people who solicit the keywords on which you are positioned. Each social media profile offers you another way to your site, and each piece of content you post on these profiles is another opportunity to engage a new visitor.
This is what AddMeFast does with a unique traffic exchange network. The generator not only provides a multitude of sites with more than four million users in 220 countries, but also boosts your social presence by providing Facebook Like, Google+ actions, retweets, and other social signal improvements; from Instagram to Pinterest, SoundCloud, they are all covered.

The software has a simplified interface, excellent user support, and many have indicated that conversion rates can increase significantly with this service. The good news is that AddMeFast is free to use.

3. Traffic Spirit


Traffic Spirit is the English counterpart to the Chinese version of Jingling. In the software, users set the origin of traffic sources, whether Google, Baidu, Bing, or other search engines, and some keywords to help classify on these expressions. In addition, Traffic Spirit filters Trojans and different types of malware viruses to protect your PC. The system is compatible with all versions of Windows, including XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. Unfortunately, it is not currently Mac compatible.

After installation, the software will run in the background 24/7 without intervention and is completely free to use. This is an excellent way to increase traffic and increase your Alexa ranking.

4. The best tool to boost your website ranking… Upseo !


Upseo is the smartest traffic bot generator that allowed you to rank your website on the top of google searches.

You can also boost the rank of your amazon and ebay products.

You should have a look to our free trial.

You have over 15 features available.


Take your website‘s ranking to a higher level on Google, Alexa Rank and Similar Web in a targeted country or region. A website at the top of the ranking gains credibility with its customers.




Traffic generators can certainly help you climb rankings faster than just with content, SEO tools, and current best practices.
Remember, however, that they should not be considered as a mean in the long term.
These tools will help you acquire an optimal position to quickly gain organic visits to your site, which must remain your ultimate goal!

Ready to hire a traffic bot compagny ? Here are our 5 best things to look for when hiring traffic bot compagny.

Boost your website ranking


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