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The Bounce Rate.

The bounce rate is a fairly important measure of traffic for any website, it is the percentage of visitors who leave the site after seeing a single page. Usually, it shows the quality of the website and how its content reacts with traffic, in other words, if visitors like a website, they will visit several pages, and the time on each page will be high.

How to determine it ?


Before setting the bounce rate, you must define it.
If you don’t know what is the best value for your website, we suggest you take the average specific to your industry or simply use your competitors’ rebound rate.


If for example you are a Bing search engine, you want the same rebound rate as Google, or slightly better, using Similarweb allows you to see what Google’s rebound rate is :


On the link we see that Google’s rebound rate is 30%.

Many of our customers ask us “On what rebound rate to base myself” and we always recommend following the leaders in your industry and being natural, if you know a good website with similar content to yours, use Similarweb !



What is the bounce rate that corresponds to my sector of activity?


How does it work?


You can define the rebound rate for your traffic from 0% to 100%.
100% – means that all users will leave your website after only 1 page, 0% means that all users will see more than one page.

Keep in mind that any value greater than 0% decreases the number of page views you receive because some pages will not be seen by traffic.
For example, if you set the bounce rate to 50% and set only 2 pages to navigate (main click and 1st click) then half of the traffic will not see the 1st click page and you will only receive 75% of the pages viewed.



Set the bounce rate to UpSEO

Once you have set your bounce rate, it is very easy to set it to Upseo.  

After adding your project by creating it, you must set it up. The second step is the bounce rate, depending on the number of visits. (see picture above) You can define the bounce rate between 1 and 100, equal to the desired percentage. The further to the right you move the cursor, the higher it will be. Put a percentage equivalent to that of your competitors.  

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