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Get the keywords from your local Google or Yahoo domain?

Get the keywords from your local Google or Yahoo domain?

How could you get the keywords from your local Google or

Yahoo domain ?


After subscribing, you can configure your projects in your personal space using the dashboard. To easily set up organic traffic, use the Keywords field in the configuration page of your project:

We suggest that you first read our previous article in the Referents field because keywords and references are two different and interdependent things. The keywords appear in your Google Analytics using the Http-Referrer field that your browser sends to Google.

When you search on Google with the keywords “traffic bot” you will arrive on a page similar to this one . Then, if you click on the page of a website in the search, for example exactly this URL ( is sent to the Http-Referrer. So to receive traffic with the keyword “traffic bot” we must put in the Referral URLs section. In your personal space, this is done automatically thanks to the use of the Keywords field but only the domain is used for this.  

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Returning Visitors

Returning Visitors

Returning visitor


The visitor return indicator allows you to know who has returned to a website, i.e. a visitor has already visited your site and has returned to it again. This measure tells you if your site is effective in creating and retaining an online audience (visitors). This is particularly important to demonstrate the value of your content.

The measure organizes visits based on the number of times a visitor has returned to a website using the following groups: 2-3 visits, 4-9 visits, and more than 10 visits.

This measurement also provides information on the average navigation rate (pages per session) and the average return time to the site.

However, it should be noted that a high rate of returning visitors is a good indicator of the value of the site’s content.

But at a certain level, the decrease in the flow of new visitors can be a problem.

The rate of returning visitors is not only due to the quality of the content (or even the site in general), it is also mainly due to the people targeted by the communication.

We explain to you: if your target is a man between 45 and 75 years old, and your website, facebook page or backlinks are only clicked by women under 30 years old.

You can have the best content and marketing strategy, your rate will always be as low as ever…

We recommend setting a percentage between 10 and 40%.

You will find this indicator in your Google Analytics dashboard, select “Audience” on the left. Then click on the “Behavior” drop-down menu and select “New vs. return”.  

To set up the returning visitors on the UpSEO software, it is very simple (see the image above). In the “Returning visitors” section, simply move the cursor to choose the desired percentage.

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How to use the Referrals in your project ?


Referrer (HTTP Referrer) is one of the settings of any visitor coming to any website and it identifies where the visitor came from, in other words from which website they were referred to your website.

To understand better , here is an example, if a visitor came from Google to your website while searching for “Keyword”, his referent would be – Google’s search page for “Keyword”.
it should be noted that almost any website/webpage on the Internet can do the same thing.

If a visitor comes from a search engine, this traffic is qualified as organic, if a visitor comes from a social network, it falls under “Social traffic, if we leave the Reference field empty, this traffic is called direct.

In our system, you can control the above-mentioned parameter using the Reference field on the settings page of your project.
In the example below, traffic will come from the site from several pages:

It is not necessary for backlinks to be present on the original page. The result of such a setting would be similar to the following in your Google Analytics:  

Keep in mind that the web page in your Referrer field must at least look real, for example because many of our customers have mistakenly simply put,, etc. in the

Referrer field and then contact our support with complaints that these Referrers do not reflect in their Google Analytics.

Obviously, no website in the world can get traffic from the main page of or, so Google Analytics simply filters these fake referrers.

At the same time, it is quite normal for traffic to come from, for example, or your own Facebook page, so we strongly recommend that you put real web pages on so that the traffic you receive looks natural.

In your project settings, you can have several URLs and domains, but the total field size is limited to 1064 characters, so be careful not to put too many links because the last one will be cut off if the field size is exceeded.

In conclusion, you can imitate traffic from any URL and website and it works in Google Analytics and almost any other traffic counter.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us!

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5 Reasons to Buy Organic Traffic

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How to find the best traffic bot ?

It’s not always easy to find a traffic bot that can make you grow.

What functionnalities must have the best traffic bot ?

That’s what we are going to see here.



5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Organic Website Traffic


There are not very many sites on the planet that produce a large number of hits each day.

Most sites have to do with a couple of hundred. When you have another site, it is far-fetched that it would produce enough footing

. Except if you have an effective brand, a viral promoting effort or any item that will catch the extravagant of millions, you need to contribute time, exertion, cash and a lot of strategizing to get took note.

From site design improvement to online life impact, everything requires some serious energy. Luckily, there are approaches to beat the conspicuous difficulties.

In here, we will discuss a standout amongst the best systems in web based promoting.



You should purchase organic traffic.


For the individuals who are thinking about whether this is an extraordinary thought, it to be sure is. There are not many ways that would offer you guaranteed traffic. On the off chance that you purchase site traffic, you are basically getting an ensured group of onlookers.

Now, let us talk about the factual reasons why you should buy website traffic.



• You need a head begin.

Another site may take ages to create enough traffic.

When you purchase a thousand hits for each day or maybe ten thousand consistently, you are giving your site the establishment it needs to dispatch. When your site ends up famous and individuals recognize what you do, you would get natural traffic. Till at that point, you have to utilize different systems to get traffic to your site.



• Purchasing site traffic doesn’t infer that you continue paying for a group of people.


It is only the fillip to other internet advertising strategies. Your site must be upgraded to rank high on web index results. In any case, there is a heartbreaking reality.

Regardless of how extraordinary your enhancement is or how adequately you showcase your site, it will take some time before natural website improvement offers any outcomes. There is a motivation behind why even the greatest brands on the planet put resources into pay per snap and website improvement all the while.

That will permit them the introduction they need, naturally and inorganically. When you purchase site traffic, you are basically giving your natural website improvement the fundamental lift.

Web crawlers like Google would not just think about the catchphrase improvement and ordering of your site yet in addition the traffic it creates. When you purchase a great many hits over some stretch of time, web search tools will see that your site is getting the consideration required for it to rank the website higher.


While natural site design improvement will take a very long time to show results and complete increment in rankings, when you consolidate it with purchasing site traffic, you are accelerating the procedure amazingly.



• Traffic will dependably impact each part of site



The measurements are quintessential for different web crawlers and notwithstanding for your crowd. You need the information to work to support you. Unfortunately, when you have another or an obscure site, you have no information to exhibit. You can’t stake any cases and your gathering of people will be in virtual numbness of your reality. Purchase site traffic and change that reality, very quickly.



• Today, you can purchase site traffic as well as you can

purchase focused on site traffic.


You would probably focus on the sexual orientation, age, calling, socioeconomics and district that you wish to connect with. It is fundamentally useless to have irregular individuals get to your site. You need individuals who matter, who are inside the ambit of your intended interest group.


• At last, when you purchase site traffic, you get to

grandstand that via web-based networking media.

You get the opportunity to build up a level of impact on every single social medium destinations and present details that would inspire your crowd.

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Why is Website traffic Important ?

Why is it important to get website traffic ?

Generate targetted traffic to your website allows you to get more customers and fans.

It’s very important for your business to have enough traffic to your website.

How can you generate website traffic ?

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Why is Website Traffic Important to My Business?


Prominence? Beyond any doubt it’s decent to be seen and all, yet is that extremely the point? To have the option to boast and state, yah… I had 1,000,000 guests to my site a year ago…

That might be great, yet for what reason is site traffic imperative to your business?

Site traffic (or the quantity of guests to your site) is significant on the grounds that the quantity of guests approaches the quantity of chances you need to include new clients.

The quantity of guests to your site turns into the quantity of chances your business needs to share its image, to give an impression, to fabricate relationship.

The more traffic to your site, the more open doors you need to create qualified leads, to sustain and help take care of their concern and at last sell your item or administration, gain another client or customer, and keep on developing your business.

This isn’t just about profiting. More site traffic over the long haul can enable you to develop your business (not simply your benefits), extend your product offerings, contract more representatives, open new areas, put resources into research and grow all the more astounding administrations and items…

the open doors are there!




Website traffic is important and has an impact in three ways :


The bigger the quantity of guests to your site the better!

Be that as it may, you have to concentrate on expanding the nature of your site traffic, as not all traffic is great traffic.

What’s more, truth be told, terrible traffic can hinder your business at some dimension.

When you can build your traffic alongside the nature of the guests, the better you will almost certainly increment your site transformation and get that traffic to wind up paying clients!

How much website traffic do you need to grow your business ?

Alright so give me the numbers, you state.

This comes down to a basic, yet modern estimation.

You need knowledge into the expenses and costs your business has, and how much a normal client is value.

When you know how much income you need (set objectives) at that point you can work in reverse to ascertain how much site traffic you should achieve those objectives.

Essentially you are taking a gander at your true objective and arranging in reverse from that point.



Imaginary Business Model:


Your “Cupcake Business” is fully operational.

Your business needs $5,000 every month to keep up your present spending plan.

Every client is worth $30 (they by and large purchase 12 cupcakes per month at $2.50 a cupcake).

You should sell 2,000 cupcakes every month.

Every client by and large purchases 12 cupcakes per month, at that point you need 166.66 clients every month.

Working in reverse, on a low normal… 100 site guests changes over to 1 lead. At a 1% change rate from a lead to a client, you will require 100 prompts get 1 new client. To meet your objective of 166.66 clients, it would appear that you should draw in 1,666,666 site guests.

Phew, that appears to be a great deal of work.

Remember that the low transformation level of 1% is a traditionalist gauge, however organizations utilizing inbound promoting procedures and other online systems are seeing an expansion in their change rates.

On the off chance that you expanded your guest to lead change rate to 2% and your lead to client rate to 4% with better qualified traffic and leads, you simply diminished your complete site traffic objective to 208,325.

That is an abatement of 87.5% Amazing !

Clearly, site traffic isn’t the main thing your business needs and relying upon your industry and market, you have to remember this. In any case, your site can have a major impact in your business’ prosperity !

When you can build the nature of the site traffic and visits to your webpage, you are additionally expanding your change numbers and this thus diminishes the quantity of new site guests you have to keep up your business objectives.

Remembering, it isn’t constantly about the complete number of guests, however how intrigued and prepared to purchase they are.

The further your site guests are in your business channel, the more intrigued they are in your answer or item, the more prominent shot you need to build change.

The other enormous bit of the site traffic condition is your capacity to catch the focused on site traffic and convert them into clients, which opens greater open door for your business to succeed.

On the off chance that you are prepared to catch your present site traffic just as increment your certified chances, at that point inbound advertising could be exactly what your business needs !

Since 2002, A large portion of an Air pocket Out has been devoted to giving showcasing, publicizing and private company counseling that address the issues of our customers.

We have practical experience in capably recounting stories through inbound advertising to develop your business loaded up with more enthusiasm and arrangement. Situated in Chico California, we serve customers all through Northern California and the nation over to New York.

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3 Traffic tools to boost your Ranking

3 Traffic tools to boost your Ranking


What is a traffic bot tool ? 

A traffic tool is simply a traffic bot that can generate traffic to your website and make your rank higher.

How is the traffic tool working ?

We will discover a great tool for traffic.

How can this traffic tool boost my ranking ?


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3 Traffic Tools to boost the ranking of a web site in search engines


For sites That are beginning, fabricating a cri-tical wellspring of Traffic relie upon shopper mindfulness.

This perceivability Is worked through substance, web base life, publicizing and Web optimization and, as we as a whole know, It is hard to emerge in the officially clogged online field.

In any case, there are a ton of instruments and programming that you can use to construct traffic and spot your site in the SERPs, in This way giving a lot of Natural visits. This is the means by which traffic generators become an intégral factor…

A solid wellspring of natural traffic is the target to exploit these sorts of innovations. They won’t just anticipate without anyone else, however they will create two sorts of traffic that can enable your site to accomplish this outcome. These apparatuses depend on traffic trade and traffic bot.

With traffic trades, the nature of the guest is commonly low – and it will be hard to change over. There is, in any case, the likelihood to make a deal since it is in every case genuine individuals who visit your site. On the off chance that your offers are extremely extraordinary, you could win a couple of clients along these lines, and each and every activity checks. Traffic bot, then again, is basically a phony traffic to test the stacking furthest reaches of a site. Difficult to envision a transformation yet they can even now help you to improve in the SERPs.

On the off chance that you need assistance to get perceivability in web crawlers, traffic generators could be the best approach, incidentally. These are not long haul arrangements, however they can put you in good shape by making the essential mindfulness for a noteworthy wellspring of guests. Here are three traffic generators for structure a start of consideration around your site.




1. Upseo Traffic tool


Upseo Web Traffic is a generator that enables you to concentrate genuine guests to your site. It incorporates nearly all that you have to advance your site in the SERPs. Taking into account that the product is to lead genuine individuals to your site, it is conceivable to change over guests into clients.

The product costs $19 and is presently in its ninth variant. With a consistent progression of guests, Dynamic Traffic Web gives apparatuses to catchphrase investigate, transformation examination and other helpful highlights.



2. AddMeFast traffic tool


Internet based life is a gigantic piece of Search engine optimization. Regardless of how well social traffic sign are joined into positioning calculations, online networking don’t give the capacity to consistently find your site page.

This was noted by numerous individuals, including a Forbes patron, Jason DeMers, when he stated: “Without web based life, your approaching traffic is constrained to individuals definitely known with your image and individuals who request the catchphrases on which you are situated. Every online networking profile offers you another route to your website, and each bit of substance you post on these profiles is another chance to draw in another guest.


This is the thing that AddMeFast does with a novel traffic trade organize. The generator not just furnishes a large number of destinations with in excess of four million clients in 220 nations, yet in addition helps your social nearness by giving Facebook Like, Google+ activities, retweets, and other social sign enhancements; from Instagram to Pinterest, SoundCloud, they are altogether secured.


The product has an improved interface, superb client backing, and many have demonstrated that change rates can increment altogether with this administration. Fortunately AddMeFast is allowed to utilize.



3. Traffic tool Spirit


Traffic Soul is the English partner to the Chinese adaptation of Jingling. In the product, clients set the beginning of traffic sources, regardless of whether Google, Baidu, Bing, or other web crawlers, and a few watchwords to help arrange on these articulations. Furthermore, Traffic Soul channels Trojans and various sorts of malware infections to ensure your PC. The framework is perfect with all variants of Windows, including XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. Tragically, it isn’t at present Macintosh good.

Traffic Soul is the English partner to the Chinese rendition of Jingling. In the product, clients set the starting point of traffic sources, regardless of whether Google, Baidu, Bing, or other web indexes, and a few watchwords to help characterize on these articulations. Likewise, Traffic Soul channels Trojans and various sorts of malware infections to secure your PC. The framework is good with all variants of Windows, including XP, 2003, Vista, 7, 8 and 10. Tragically, it isn’t as of now Macintosh good.

After establishment, the product will keep running out of sight day in and day out without mediation and is totally allowed to utilize. This is a fantastic method to expand traffic and increment your Alexa positioning.
Traffic generators can positively enable you to climb rankings quicker than just with substance, Web optimization instruments, and current accepted procedures.

Keep in mind, be that as it may, that they ought not be considered as a mean in the long haul.

These devices will enable You to obtain an ideal position to rapidly increase Natural visits to your site, which must remain your définitive objective!

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