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A real human network that generates SERP clicks to boost your CTR instead of using a traffic bot


SearchSEO is a real human network that clicks on your website to make you rank on Google

It has the particularity to be the only traffic generator that make you receive Google search console clicks.

The non exhaustive list of the amazing SearchSEO features:

  • Generate clicks recorded in Google Search Console, Google analytics, Yandex, kiss metrics etc…
  • Increase CTR
  • Improve your local rankings by generating organic traffic in 150+ countries
  • One unique IP per visit
  • Manage your Bounce rate / Mobile traffic
  • Choose the number of pages and time per session
  • Trigger Google suggests
  • Select the organic keywords that you are ranking for.

How to generate organic website traffic ?

The workflow of is like that :


Register a Free trial account

You don’t need a credit card to start the 3 days free trial.

Then check your mailbox, you will receive an activation mail (sometimes you get the activation mail in the spam box)



Create your first project

Give it a name, enter the URL of your site and the country that you want to target.

Choose the mobile rate, the number of pages per session etc.


Enter your most relevant keywords. You need to enter keywords that you already ranked for on Google. ( Within the 3 first pages) to check this enter your domain in and you will see your ranked keywords.




Your project is started.

Within 48H you will see your results in the Google search console. the number clicks would be increased. Why ? Because SearchSEO will search all your keywords on the local Google of your country with a unique IP addresses. Then it will search within the SERP, your site. Once it finds your site SearchSEO clicks to enter and visite your site like a real human.

What is the main difference between SearchSEO and Upseo ?


Well, Upseo is software that was made to generate simple Google Analytics traffic. (bot)

Meanwhile SearchSEO is a traffic bot that was made to generate organic traffic that is recorded into the Google Search Console. (human)


Use cases of SearchSEO:


For the SEO agencies and freelancers that want to artificially increase CTR of their websites in the google search console.

For the people who want an help to have their websites ranked on Google.




Do you want to improve your visibility ?