How could you get the keywords from your local Google or

Yahoo domain ?


After subscribing, you can configure your projects in your personal space using the dashboard. To easily set up organic traffic, use the Keywords field in the configuration page of your project:

We suggest that you first read our previous article in the Referents field because keywords and references are two different and interdependent things. The keywords appear in your Google Analytics using the Http-Referrer field that your browser sends to Google.

When you search on Google with the keywords “traffic bot” you will arrive on a page similar to this one . Then, if you click on the page of a website in the search, for example exactly this URL ( is sent to the Http-Referrer. So to receive traffic with the keyword “traffic bot” we must put in the Referral URLs section. In your personal space, this is done automatically thanks to the use of the Keywords field but only the domain is used for this.  

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