Google is the largest search engine on the planet today, and it is not difficult to understand when this tool possesses a huge “treasure” of features. These features not only help users increase the experience, but also help marketers very well in measuring the effectiveness of the campaign. Google Suggest is a powerful tool for marketing people. Today, let’s explore with MarketingAI in depth what Google Suggest is, the basics need to grasp when using this tool.

What is Google Suggest?

Google Suggest is a feature available on the Google search toolbar, it helps users to quickly autocomplete the command of keywords based on hot news. The search results may vary, but most of them will focus on exploiting the keywords you search for above, which will help you find the exact information you need.

What is Google Suggest?

For example, if a user enters the keyword “domain” in the search box, Google will suggest “specific language”, “and scope”, “name generator”, and a few other queries. All recommendations are based on terms commonly used in conjunction with the term entered by the user.

Suggestions in the Google Suggestion box help users easily search, shorten the time to search for keyword queries. Understanding what Google Suggest is is easy, you can even quickly find the right singer and a band name that you only remember the first word.

Is there a good google suggest – autocomplete service?

There is just one company that can create a suggestion for any keyword. They are GooSuggest a trusted company in this field. You can visit to find more information about their google autocomplete creation service.

The benefits that Google Suggest brings to SEO

  • Google Suggest helps correct spelling mistakes extremely well
  • Effective keyword research for SEOs
  • Capture the trends of customers searching
  • Suggest, as well as suggest, relevant results to customers
  • Shorten the time to retrieve results
  • Repeat a favorite search keyword for you
  • Guide customers to easily access products

4 suggestions to help you make good use of Google Suggest

Do a detailed keyword research

Using Google Suggest can be a powerful tool for doing keyword research. It’s a great place to start for the early stages of content development and implementing organic search strategies.

Since the autocomplete function displays a list of related keywords based on popularity, this is an ideal way to launch your keyword plan for SEO. But most importantly, it can give you valuable ideas about quality long-tail keywords.

Long-tail keywords are extremely useful when filling content gaps, but also offer plenty of possibilities for high-value blog posts and educational content within a brand segment.

Google auto suggest

Note: Search using Incognito mode or sign out of your Google account. It will provide anonymity, thus an unbiased Autocomplete.

But relying solely on the Autocomplete function may not be enough as Google limits the number of keyword suggestions given. The Keyword Tool, on the other hand, gets data directly from Google Suggest and the Adwords Keyword Planner. This you have to really understand what Google Suggest is before you can do it best.

Learn carefully about the customer’s search intent

The way Google ranks keywords has changed a lot. Today, search engine algorithms focus more on search intent rather than just keyword search volume.

Understanding search intent is key to making sure your goal for the page, layout, and messaging will meet the user’s intent for the search query. Due to the way Google Autocomplete works, this feature displays a list of popular and trending phrases that others are searching for.

Autocomplete will not only give you a high volume list of long-tail keywords but also illuminate the user’s intent behind the searches. It can help marketers see the search volume of related keywords and their variations for comparison against different stages of intent. This approach can be time-consuming but will prove to be an invaluable addition to a quality SEO strategy.

Find out the reputations of the individuals and companies that you are campaigning with

When you search for a name, brand or company on Google, you’ll see all related searches in the Autocomplete drop-down list. It displays search terms that others have entered that are relevant to your query.

For example, if you’re looking for a restaurant with bad reviews, it might show up in the Autocomplete list. It has the ability to prevent a potential customer from leaving the facility and has a real impact on business performance.

google autocomplete

Many people still do not know what Google Suggest is, so it is often overlooked in online reputation management (ORM). The advice is never to ignore it and always make sure it is managed consistently. There are ways to compensate for negative autocomplete predictions. Some ideas are worth exploring like controlling conversations (on social media, forums, etc.) and creating new content with strong backlinks.


It can be said that today, Google Suggest plays a huge role in the search engine ranking of a keyword. Therefore, if you want your Website to achieve high rankings or your keywords are always placed on the first page of the Google search engine. Then find out what Google Suggest is above to get successful, smooth strategies for your business.

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