1st WEEK

$ 179

MONDAY : 2000 social signals + wiki backlinks
TUESDAY : 200 dofollow blog comments
WEDNESDAY : 30 web 2.0 backlinks
THURSDAY : 20 social bookmarkings
FRIDAY : Write 2 articles and post on two DA 70

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2nd WEEK

$ 179

MONDAY : 200 Social bookmarking - high DA - dofollow
TUESDAY : 1000 web 2.0 backlinks
WEDNESDAY : premium paid indexer services
THURSDAY : Write 2 great articles.
FRIDAY : Publish the 2 articles on DA 70-100
BONUS : 1) Entry plan
Write 2 articles and post on two DA 70

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3rd WEEK

$ 179

MONDAY : 200 dofollow blog comments
TUESDAY : 40 very high DA Backlinks
WEDNESDAY : 100 uniques articles on web 2.0
THURSDAY : 40 very high DA Backlinks
FRIDAY : 100 unique articles on web 2.0
BONUS : 1) Entry plan

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4th WEEK

$ 179

MONDAY : 4 redirect backlinks High DA website.
TUESDAY : 1 redirect (New york times, BBC, CNN, Harvard...)
WEDNESDAY : 100 dofollow social bookmarking on high DA
THURSDAY : 10 infographics backlinks on DA +50
FRIDAY : 100 dofollow social bookmarking on high DA
BONUS : 1) Entry plan

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5th WEEK

$ 179

MONDAY : 25 edu / gov DA 80 backlinks
TUESDAY : 75 Dofollow High DA Backlinks
WEDNESDAY : Write 2 amazing articles & publish (DA 70+)
THURSDAY : 200 dofollow blog comments
FRIDAY : 30 web 2.0 + 20 social bookmarking
BONUS : 1) Entry plan

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6th WEEK

$ 199

MONDAY : 1000 web 2.0 backlinks & paid indexer services
TUESDAY : 200 short articles + links on web 2.0
WEDNESDAY : 2000 Social signals + Wiki links
THURSDAY : Write 2 amazing articles & publish (DA 70+)
FRIDAY : 30 web 2.0 + 20 social bookmarking
BONUS : 1) Entry plan


$ 1094

$ 997

Get the 6 weeks netlinking package in one payment

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Feature Comparison

I will provide you the text to put here

Features Explanation

Website Analysis And Recommendations

We will analyze your website through SEO Tools and defines the status of your website that where it stands and recommend you missing things of your website.


Keyword Research and Selection is very sensitive part of seo to analyze best keywords for your website by using Google Adwords Keywords Tool


You should know competition status on search engines so that we can use better strategies.


We will Setup Google webmaster tool for better website indexing and checking errors in website if not present.


Setup of Bing webmaster tools for better website indexing and checking errors in website.


We will create sitemap in xml format to make sure indexing of each page by Google search engines.


We will create ror.xml sitemap in xml format for the website to make sure indexing by yahoo search engine.


We will create urllist.txt format file to do indexing of each page in Bing & Alexa.


We will create info.txt in order to have indexing on Alexa and other local search engines.


Optimizing site pages and how they appear in search engines. I will allow the robots.txt file on your website.


Google Analytics lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications.


We will add the exact keywords to the title tag, with an additional 1-3 words. Title Tag helps for keyword ranking in search engines.


Help to describe 250 words page services in short description. The meta description should be optimized based on the value of the title element for the page


Do not include any extra similar keywords, and enter no more than 6 keyphrases in total.


We will optimize all the images and provide them Alt Text to each image and improve keyword density.


We would have to make anchor tags with targeted keywords so that we can make good internal connectivity to website same like wiki because google give huge value of internals linking website.


H1 tags is important factor of On Page Optimization. We can describe importance of keywords to search engine through h1 tags.


HTML also needs to be optimize to provide optimal results, one must not create a website full of codes, try to make them as small as you can so that the load time can get better and this also helps in ranking better in SERP results


It refers to use alt tags properly. Using alt tags with every image will help you to get traffic from image search as well.


If you already have a feed but later find that its title or description isn’t that SEO friendly, use the Title/Description Burner to change these meta tags for your feed.


The anchor text used to create hyperlinks of your website always helps you to rank better for those anchor texts, so try to use keywords as your anchor text to create links, internal or external.


A deep analysis of your own website is necessary to do. It helps you to detect all the errors and other malfunctioning in your site.


All the links must be correct and must not be broken.


Your Navigation bar or any other navigation system must be good and user friendly, with it a good design which attracts the eye of the user is must.


Try to get more backlinks everyday, more backlinks means better ranking and more traffic which leads to more income.


If your business is local then Local search engine optimization can help you a lot. Submitting in local directories and search engine apps will increase your chances to appear more in a local search.


Making a website look good in all of the web browser is necessary because you don’t want to lose your user just because your layout does not open correctly in some browser.


Creating website pages and optimizing content based on the keywords and services.


We will send your current Keyword Status report on Google, Yahoo and Bing. After that you will get weekly ranking report with comparison of success in keyword position.


We will create social media accounts on major social media websites like facebook, linkedin, twitter, pinterest etc to drive relevant traffic to your website.


Social Bookmarking is a method for Internet users to organize, store, manage and search for bookmarks online. It is one of the good tools to create additional inbound links to your content, which is always a good way to gain the attention of search engine bots and to increase your page ranking.


We will submit various images relevant to keyword with short description in various Image Submission websites that would be beneficial for your website.


Blog Commenting is considered as one of the easiest ways to get free one way links to your website. It helps to increase your Google position within a short period even for highly competitive keywords.


Every day work on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ to make more and more people in network. I will do updations in your accounts.


We will create web 2.0 to create link juice for your website.


Listing your business/website in 10 directories like yelp and yellow pages.


In PRODUCT SUBMISSION we have described all important product information like features, prices, etc. Product Submission of data feeds gives you time-sensitive. If you have a new product that you would like us to carry in our stores, please follow these steps to make the process efficient, enjoyable and speedy.


It is a best way for business promotion on the web. On the profile creation website you put your business details or services. So business visitors are increasing and you will get business projects. Profile creation is one link building technique in which we create profile in the different platform's website, such as forum sites, social networking, web 2.0 websites etc and give our business details in it and also give our website link to that profile page from which we can get back links to our website. Profile creation is an effective technique to get better backlinks.


We will check your top competitors website backlinks and build link on that backlinks.


We will make backlinks through video marketing. Search Engine Submission refers to the act of getting your website listed with search engines. Another term for this is search engine registration which helps us to receive massive targeted traffic to your website.


We will submit PPT on top sites in good one-way backlinking technique.


Infographic describe your product completely in a single image. In which you can add complete information about your product or a company. People want information quickly and that's why infographics are so great. There is no better way to explain how infographics are an effective marketing tool than in the form of an easy to follow infographic.


Web 2.0 are sites which allow you to create your own page with a unique url. You may publish information and point links from it to your website. Web 2.0 sites are considered as quality websites and building pages and publishing content through web 2.0 sites would help in link building and achieving top results in serps.


A 301 redirect is a permanent redirect which passes between 90-99% of link equity (ranking power) to the redirected page. 301 refers to the HTTP status code for this type of redirect. In most instances, the 301 redirect is the best method for implementing redirects on a website.

Buy Backlinks in 2020 to extend your sales

With the assistance of Backlinks your web site can gain prime rankings. The higher you rank in Google the a lot of traffic you receive. With large targeted traffic your sales can explode.

Are you wondering shopping for backlinks in 2020?

No worries, you're not the sole one.
Almost one and all UN agency has done SEO has thought-about shopping for links.

What is exactly a backlink?

Backlinks are typically texts that you just click on to airt you to a different online page. These are effectively incoming backlinks from one web site to consequent and are observed as inward links, inward links, incoming links or backlinks.

Backlinks are extraordinarily necessary in programme improvement (SEO) and programme ranking. A backlink typically consists of 2 elements the universal resource locator and also the anchor text.

Backlinks will either be text links or image links. A backlink performs 2 terribly specific functions.The link ensures that the coupled website's name improves. Link quality may be a easy live of link numbers and plays a main issue concerned in programme ranking. Google and alternative search engines examine anchor texts. If the anchor text is expounded to the subject of your web site, then your website can accomplish higher rankings.

netlink service

Why do i would like to shop for backlinks ?

  1. Backlinks are crucial for many websites as a result of when another online page links to your website, it gets a pick out google eyes. This may move your website higher within the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). If you are adopting a hunt engine improvement strategy, then backlinks ought to be a significant a part of it. Accumulating a lot of backlinks can assist you move up the rankings in search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing.

  2. Buy backlinks to maximise the quantity of tourists to a selected web site. A backlink, termed inward link, may be a link from a machine-readable text document to a different location on the net. It’s activated by clicking on the address (URL) of a World Wide website, highlighted anchor text or image on the screen.

  3. Search engines use backlinks to rank an internet page’s importance by staring at what number outside links purpose thereto and therefore the quality of these links. Effort backlinks from one website to a different web site in exchange for payment speeds the method of getting links and ensures the hyperlinked document quickly seems high on the list of results came by a quest engine.

  4. Paying somebody in exchange for backlinks may be a quick thanks to score high rankings provided the bought links don't contain the nofollow attribute. The nofollow or rel=“nofollow" attribute instructs search engines to not crawl the backlink and doesn't transfer anchor text or PageRank across these links. It’s thus essential to shop for backlinks that are considered dofollow.

netlinking package

How much time do I need to wait see effects on rankings of my links?

It depends on the competition in your niche. I will go from one week to six months. Typically MOZ.com evaluates it with ten weeks. See the MOZ.com article here:How Long will Link Building go for Influence Rankings?

How do I verify what number backlinks my website has?

Websites like majestic seo or ahrefs.com can assist you to induce a plan of what number backlinks your web site has.

Keep in mind that these websites crawl the online victimization their own bots. This implies that their search capability is proscribed, in order that they could solely notice thirty to fifty p.c of your site's backlinks.

What kind of backlinks must you buy?

  1. Anchor text backlinks are links that seem highlighted during a machine-readable text link. It’s the clickable text during a link that opens the target webpage. The words contained within the anchor text facilitate search engines verify the ranking of the load page.

  2. Search engines analyze anchor text from hyperlinks on an internet page to achieve discourse or descriptive data concerning the content of the backlink’s destination, and later, rank the connected page in organic search results supported the text that seems highlighted during a machine-readable text link.

  3. However, Google discharged AN algorithmic program update (Penguin) geared toward decreasing search rankings of a webpage that were unnaturally manipulated. Webmaster’s UN agency purchased massive quantities of anchor text links tough Google penalties. The social control obligatory makes the web site unable to rank high in Google’s search results.

  4. Image shows however an internet site purchased too several anchor text backlinks and was fined. It recovered once the bought links were removed.

  5. The Google penguin algorithmic program is predicated on applied mathematics odds. It’s a collection of rules designed to investigate the extent to that one thing is probable. Within the planet, the chance of a present anchor text link is 6/100, which means six of one hundred natural links gained are going to be within the sort of anchor text.Anchor text links are overrated. Image shows however a replacement web site purchased three plain uniform resource locator address links to induce smart results.

  6. Without question, shopping for backlinks helps to boost a webpage’s position in organic search results and conjointly helps to extend {website|web website} traffic to your site provided a careful link strategy is enforced. A Webmaster ought to focus totally on building a backlink profile employing a 6/100 quantitative relation. In alternative words, for each a hundred backlinks you buy, six links ought to be anchor text and ninety four ought to be address address links.

buy backlink

If you're thinking that you would like only 1 form of link for your web site, then assume again! it is important to diversify your link building exercises as a result of algorithms amendment usually. Get links from as several link platforms as potential like:

  1. Web 2.0 (Drupal, Joomla, Elgg etc. )>

  2. Bookmarks (Pligg, Scuttle, Elgg, PhpDug etc. )

  3. Wikis (MediaWiki, Wakka etc.)

  4. Comments (Wordpress, Joomla, Buddypress etc.)>

  5. .edu and .gov links

  6. 301 redirect links>

  7. Social Signals (Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, Reddit etc.).

Check our complete : SEO services packages for more infos.

What is backlink diversity?

Backlink diversity means you ought to have totally different sources that link back to your web site. This makes it look additional natural and organic to go looking engines.

Services like link pyramids and link wheels are available handy in these cases. layer backlinking will assist you to draw additional power to your backlinks.

If your link building strategy involves links redirecting to your cash website, then you'll purchase extremely revered backlinks like net a pair of.0, Wikis, Bookmarks, Comments, Socials Signals, GOV and EDU links.

They're able to pass an excellent deal of link juice to your website while not risking penalties.

Can I obtain backlinks of any type?

You can definitely obtain all kinds of backlinks.

However there's no mounted value, thus some backlinks value quite others. This compels you to pay a big quantity of your time scoping out economical backlink solutions.

Finding economical solutions conjointly needs you to contemplate buying quality backlinks rather than shopping for harmful links.

We are able to assist you by providing net promoting solutions and quality link building services at a fraction of the value of alternative corporations.

Purchasing backlinks vs. doing it yourself

Our company has spent many thousands of greenbacks on backlinks and these square measure the explanations why:

It Saves tons of hours !

If you would like to amass backlinks through stretch, you would like to some these great ideas :

  1. Create a high quality SEO content plus that’s value promoting
  2. Make some amazing videos
  3. Design some awesome infographics that generate commitment!
  4. Prospect for relevant link opportunities
  5. Qualify those opportunities
  6. Build a relationship with every chance
  7. Request link placement on the qualified websites
  8. Give away some great digital products
  9. Test totally different stretch ways to enhance your response rate
  10. If your request is approved, you then ought to produce content
  11. If you don’t wish to form the content yourself, you would like to travel through the method of hiring a author

But wait, there’s more:

If you would like to own a life outside of simply effort backlinks, you to form systems, procedures, and rent employees to perform these tasks.

Not solely that, you may ought to train everyone, so they will perform this task the proper manner.

Oh yeah, let’s not forget that none of this may go in keeping with set up. meaning you either need to rent a project manager or be the manager yourself.

So, the ethical of this story is that once folks square measure shopping for backlinks, they aren’t really shopping for a backlink.

They are shopping for a method.

netlinking services

Now you’re in all probability thinking:

“This is simply kind of white hat SEO! Grey or black hat SEO isn’t that tough.”

Let’s take the well-liked link building technique for grey/black hat SEO:

Make a PBN.

Here is that the method of building a network:

  1. Find expired domains that meet a minimum vetting criteria
  2. Qualify every domain supported deeper analysis
  3. Purchase the domain (or participate in domain auctions to secure it)
  4. Buy hosting for the domain
  5. Set the domain with a CMS (like WordPress)
  6. If you’re on WordPress, install and setup plugins
  7. Create foundational pages and notice an issue to form the positioning look real
  8. Create a persona (if you’re obtaining serious)
  9. Test the standard of the expired domain
  10. If the domain passes your take a look at, you then need to write content for putting your link...

Or, bear the method of ordering content

If the positioning isn’t indexed, bear a method to induce it indexed

Create extra filler content

Buy social signals or fake traffic to extend the “realness” of the positioning

Now, once again, you may do that all yourself, however your life would be dedicated to PBNs.

What is Pagerank (PR) / MOZ Metric ?

Pagerank: Google's Pagerank is associate degree algorithmic rule that analyzes backlinks to ascertain the importance of various websites.

All websites have a Google Pagerank between zero and ten wherever ten is that the best. Pagerank ten domains embrace facebook.com, instagram.com etc…

All have the very best numbers of backlinks compared to the other web site. Google.com and Facebook.com have a Pagerank of nine.

The smaller the amount of backlinks the smaller the Pagerank is. latest websites with no inward links begin at Pagerank zero.

However by currently google doesn't update the Pagerank any longer thus it's superannuated. we have a tendency to currently use the MOZ Metrics as an immediate replacement.

buy cheap backlink

MOZ Metrics: The MOZ Metrics contains the Domain Authority (DA) and also the Page Authority (PA).

Each values will vary from one to a hundred. If you divide price|the worth} by ten you bought the equal value to Google PageRank.

The Domain Authority shows the facility of a site and also the Page Authority show the facility of a inner Page.

Other seldom similar values square measure

Ahrefs.com : Domain Rating and address Rating
Majestic.com : Trust Flow (TF) and Citation Flow (CF)
Moz.com : Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA).

How about the Link Juice?

When we quote natural referencing, the juice of the link, conjointly known as Google Juice, defines the load or potential that you just transmit to the page to that you create this link or backlink.

It ought to be understood that, within the eyes of Google (more than those of alternative search engines), a link to an internet site may be a kind of vote, credit granted thereto web site. as a result of many reference authors try and circumvent the employment of tips and generally abuse backlinks, Google's initial need, by giving substantial weight to the links on that it currently depends (which is why it uses algorithmic filters rather than revisiting the core formula, which might represent one thing far more advanced and costly), was, at a minimum, legitimate. The machine-readable text link on the net may be a means of pick for a page or content, the a lot of links a page receives, the a lot of in style it are often thought of per se and therefore the a lot of consistent the actual fact that Google can provides it a outstanding place on its search results page regarding expressions that it semantically looks to satisfy the user's want. Therefore, a commendable can.

After this broad parenthesis, let's come to the thread. The juice of the SEO link, therefore, defines what you send out juice to the page that receives the link. To alter, maybe that the a lot of potential a page has (popularity, age, quality of content, etc.) and therefore the a lot of qualitative the link juice you may receive from this page if you link to at least one of its pages. Be careful, we have a tendency to area unit talking here, all alternative things area unit an equivalent, however we'll come to the current later. Finally, if associate SEO skilled authority is aware of a lot of quickly than average the way to sight a page on that the link juice obtained would be useful to him, he won't hesitate to use one or a lot of tools of his option to audit, which can offer him valuable indicators. At our SEO agency in city we have a tendency to like Majestic SEO quite bit, however there area unit others.

Representation of link juice

More than words, an image of what represents this "link juice", significantly appreciated within the SEO optimisation of a page:

representation link juice seo

In this illustration, the incoming links on the house page offer associate impulse (previously depicted by the PageRank) to the interior pages of the location. The illustration of the juice diffusion is capable the quantity of dofollow links on the page. once we quote the importance of backlinks...


Some sensible practices in SEO

Now that you just apprehend what link juice is in terms of SEO, you would like to clarify a number of things regarding it. for a few of them, we've already mentioned them persistently on the location or elsewhere, however it's essential to enforce them. you'll think about that every page includes a "potential" or a "juice budget" or a "juice capital". Since the term juice exists and therefore the links terribly clearly offer vitamins to convert your reference within the index to an honest positioning in computer programme results, then let's build associate analogy with a bottle of fruit juice while not more delay in order that you're tuned in to the importance of the distribution and therefore the importance of brooding about the distribution of link juice.

Distribute link juice quantitatively

Imagine that each page of your web site may be a brick of fruit juice. If it is a one cubic decimeter brick, and you offer fifty centilitres of juice to capital of South Dakota and fifty centilitres of juice to Paul. you'll have given them each, however you are still giving them one thing you do not offer to anyone. thus it should be clear that the a lot of you offer, the less are going to be given quantitatively to every of the individuals you may receive. Now, if capital of South Dakota is that the reasonably one that doesn't have ADSL and Paul, on the opposite hand, may be a recognized overactive, he can most likely distribute the doses otherwise, or maybe offer capital of South Dakota all the fruit juice.

Distribute the link juice qualitatively

Then it's up to you - follow the figure of speech to the top and ensure you perceive the importance of the reflection you've got to hold out together with your connections - to "give individuals what they want" and what they have supported what you've got. Then, you may offer all the fruit juice to Peter, however you may offer all the camomile to Paul. together with your pages, it is the same factor. Then it's up to you to search out the proper dose and therefore the right product in order that nobody lacks something, knowing that some have a lot of wants than others. within the case of your web site, your pages that have a positioning objective with bigger ability and / or priority objectives can have a lot of wants, however it's conjointly necessary to search out the proper alchi.

When a web site links to your web site, Google considers this as a vote or associate degree endorsement of your online page. Google considers of these link votes and attracts its own conclusions concerning the importance of your online page. this can be the explanation behind the Pagerank construct. once associate degree external web site links to your web site or once you internally link from one page to a different on your web site , your page is given Pagerank points. this can be referred to as link juice transfer.

The link juice quantity depends on 2 factors:

Pagerank of the link giving web site.

The total range of outgoing links (OBL=OutBound Links) on the link giving web site.

Link juice is sometimes unfold between all outgoing links.

Example: If you get a link from a {site|website|web web site} with Pagerank five and also the site have ten external links. implies that {the website|the web web site} links to your site and to nine different sites. currently the link juice is unfold between these ten external links and you get solely 1/10 of the Pagerank five juice. therefore the lower the external link count (OBL) the additional link juice you may receive.

What is dofollow / nofollow ?

1. Nofollow

Nofollow links do not permit their links to be followed by programme bots. this suggests that if an online page owner is linking back to you with a nofollow link, then it'll not go through link juice. solely folks are going to be able to follow these links.

Important Notice: Recently Google proclaimed that they'd count nofollow backlinks as outgoing links in terms of distribution of your website's Pagerank.

A nofollow link becomes nofollow once you add the rel="nofollow" tag to the linking hypertext markup language code

2. Dofollow

On the opposite hand, dofollow backlinks change all search engines to follow them for reaching a web site, supplying you with additional link juice by providing you with a backlink. If a website owner links back to you with a dofollow link, search engines and other people are going to be allowed to follow the link. the most effective dofollow link may be a backlink wherever it's allowed to position a keyword as your anchor text. Means, once you get a high PR dofollow backlink, you ought to use specific keywords as your anchor text to realize a push in rankings.

Note: By default all the hyperlinks ar dofollow. So, you don’t have to be compelled to do something to form a link do-follow.

How will Social Media be used for SEO ?

Social media offers opportunities for effort social mentions and backlinks to your online page. These utterly tied in together with your website's social media campaigns. Social media campaigns have currently become very well-liked and that they ar increasing on the net, complementing SEO campaigns utterly.

Using social media presents a singular chance to create advocates around your product and to create trust in your web site. you'll use social signals for your link building campaign. this suggests that if your web site goes infectious agent , several different websites can report concerning your site/topic/product/blog post and can link back thereto.

Google is aware of that if a web site gets plenty of hits and social signals, it's a legitimate web site and may collect many backlinks at this. once you understand this truth, you'll simply build backlinks and social signals for your web site at a similar time. The social signals can justify your link building efforts. this could facilitate avoiding a google penalty whereas building loads of links at a similar time.

seo backlinks

What is On-page SEO?

When it involves SEO, On -page optimisation refers to specific factors which will have a bearing on the ranking of your online page. These could either be controlled by you or by the writing of your online page. On-page optimisation examples embrace hypertext mark-up language code, keyword placement, meta tags, keyword density and far additional. On-page SEO implies that you'll apply sure web site settings to form certain it's optimized for search engines.

Here are some on -page SEO tips to assist you:

Content should be prime quality and perpetually recent.

URL structures should be correct.

Descriptions and titles should be optimized.

Websites navigation should be easy.

Internal links have to be compelled to be optimized.

Text should be correctly formatted with proper font sizes like h1,h2,bold.

Personal 404 error pages or correct forward just in case of 404 not found error.

Pages should be fast to load and easy.

Images ought to be properly optimized for a web site and embrace the ALT tag.

Web pages ought to have Google Authorship verification.

Links to external sites should be unbroken and useful to the user.

What is Off-page SEO?

Different from On-page SEO, Off-page SEO depends on activities conducted outside online page boundaries.

This includes :

  • Link Building

  • Social Media

  • Social Bookmarking

Link building is that the simplest technique of Off-page SEO. By building backlinks to your web site from external sources, you're trying to assemble additional votes. thus you actually have to be compelled to purchase backlinks if you wish to win the sport. this can assist you sidestep your competition to rank higher in search engines as a part of your overall SEO strategy for your web site.

UPSEO is documented as skilled Link Building team

As one of the primary, large-scale link automation platforms, our computer code has helped thousands of professionals purchase and sell links. Now, over five years later, we tend to ar still the foremost sure complete within the business.

See for yourself why upseo.io is that the leading selection of link advertisers and publishers.

Register for your free account these days.

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What to remember about netlinking and link building strategy ?

Netlinking is one of the components of an SEO strategy, it allows improving the visibility of a website by creating backlinks. How can you improve your SEO by creating links?

How to define the netlinking ?

Netlinking is also referred to as link building or external linking.

Netlinking is a strategy that consists of increasing the number of backlinks to a website in order to improve its positioning and visibility.

The goal of a netlinking strategy is to improve the popularity, linking and audience of a website."

The essential backlink

A netlinking strategy is based on increasing the number of hyperlinks to the website to be visualized. Backlink is therefore the main component of a link building strategy and as such the quality of the backlinks is crucial.

WARNING: Only tagged links are tracked and considered in the Google algorithm".

What is a quality backlink?

For an efficient and sustainable netlinking strategy, a backlink must meet quality criteria, here is a non-exhaustive list:

The backlink must come from a website whose textual content is in the same subject as that of the target page,

It must come from a popular page with PageRank greater than 3 (or a trust flow greater than 40),

The incoming link must come from a website with few outgoing links to get a good link juice,

The anchor text must describe the content that the user finds on the target page of the link, avoid text anchors of the type: learn more, click here,........

Prefer a link on a website with seniority,

It is necessary to diversify the sources of incoming links, 100 links from 100 different sites will be more effective than 100 links from the same site,

Make sure that the link is placed correctly, it must be in the editorial content of the page and, if possible, on multiple pages,

Avoid a massive influx of incoming links in a short time and prefer a smooth acquisition of backlinks over time,

Prefer links from highly frequented domains.

With all these quality criteria in mind when acquiring your links, your netlinking will be efficient and sustainable.

How do you netlink?


A massive exchange of connections between two sites should be avoided, or by limiting the exchange to a few connections and preferably between two real partner sites. The massive creation of links from "partner sites" is ineffective at best and will be punished by Google Penguin at worst.


At the technical level, a link from a social network is marked in "nofollow". This means that it is not "taken into account" by Google when calculating the incoming links. This does not exclude the indexing of shared urls in search engines.

For example, if you share a link in Google+, that link will be read and indexed by Google. Another positive effect is that sharing a website with high quality content on social networks often allows you to view some natural backlinks from blogs, forums, etc.... to receive.


This is by far the preferred netlinking strategy. Link baiting is to capture external links naturally without the need to create them. Implementing the bait link is relatively simple: all you have to do is produce interesting content, promote it and monitor the creation of natural links. This is the netlinking technique recommended by Google.


Depending on your strategic choices in SEO, buying an expired domain name may be an interesting option under certain conditions. For example, make sure that you don't buy a domain that is penalized by Google.

On sites like kifdom.com expired domains are offered for sale. You can find domains at all prices and in all topics. In addition to the price, they give the following information.

Our netlinking experts will help you to rank faster if you click here.


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