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Feature Comparison

Mover Shaker
Website Analysis And Recommendations
Keyword Research and Selection
Competitors Analysis
Google Webmaster tools setup and Verification
Bing Webmaster tools setup and Verification
Optimization of sitemap.xml
Optimization of ror.xml
Optimization of urllist.txt
Optimization of info.txt
Optimization of robots.txt
Google Analtyic Setup
Title Tag Optimization
Description Tag Optimization
Keyword Tag Optimization
Alt Tag Optimization
Anchor Text Optimization
H1 Tags Optimization
HTML Code Clean Up & Optimization
Image Optimization
Optimize RSS Feed Title and Description
Hyperlink Optimization
In depth site Analysis
Link Validation
Navigation & Design Optimization
Site Back-links count
Local Search Engine Optimization
Optimization for Multiple Browsers
Content Optimization
Baseline Keyword Ranking Report
Creation of Social Media Accounts
Social Bookmarking
Image Submission
Blog Commenting
Social Media Optimization
Blog Creation
Business Directory Listing
Product Submission
Profile Creation
Competitors Backlinks
Video Marketing linking
Number of Keywords 10 25
Number of Backlinks / month 50 150
Number of Blog posts / month 1 4
Weekly Report
UPSEO business credit
UPSEO corporate credit

Features Explanation

Website Analysis And Recommendations

We will analyze your website through SEO Tools and defines the status of your website that where it stands and recommend you missing things of your website.


Keyword Research and Selection is very sensitive part of seo to analyze best keywords for your website by using Google Adwords Keywords Tool


You should know competition status on search engines so that we can use better strategies.


We will Setup Google webmaster tool for better website indexing and checking errors in website if not present.


Setup of Bing webmaster tools for better website indexing and checking errors in website.


We will create sitemap in xml format to make sure indexing of each page by Google search engines.


We will create ror.xml sitemap in xml format for the website to make sure indexing by yahoo search engine.


We will create urllist.txt format file to do indexing of each page in Bing & Alexa.


We will create info.txt in order to have indexing on Alexa and other local search engines.


Optimizing site pages and how they appear in search engines. I will allow the robots.txt file on your website.


Google Analytics lets you measure your advertising ROI as well as track your Flash, video, and social networking sites and applications.


We will add the exact keywords to the title tag, with an additional 1-3 words. Title Tag helps for keyword ranking in search engines.


Help to describe 250 words page services in short description. The meta description should be optimized based on the value of the title element for the page


Do not include any extra similar keywords, and enter no more than 6 keyphrases in total.


We will optimize all the images and provide them Alt Text to each image and improve keyword density.


We would have to make anchor tags with targeted keywords so that we can make good internal connectivity to website same like wiki because google give huge value of internals linking website.


H1 tags is important factor of On Page Optimization. We can describe importance of keywords to search engine through h1 tags.


HTML also needs to be optimize to provide optimal results, one must not create a website full of codes, try to make them as small as you can so that the load time can get better and this also helps in ranking better in SERP results


It refers to use alt tags properly. Using alt tags with every image will help you to get traffic from image search as well.


If you already have a feed but later find that its title or description isn’t that SEO friendly, use the Title/Description Burner to change these meta tags for your feed.


The anchor text used to create hyperlinks of your website always helps you to rank better for those anchor texts, so try to use keywords as your anchor text to create links, internal or external.


A deep analysis of your own website is necessary to do. It helps you to detect all the errors and other malfunctioning in your site.


All the links must be correct and must not be broken.


Your Navigation bar or any other navigation system must be good and user friendly, with it a good design which attracts the eye of the user is must.


Try to get more backlinks everyday, more backlinks means better ranking and more traffic which leads to more income.


If your business is local then Local search engine optimization can help you a lot. Submitting in local directories and search engine apps will increase your chances to appear more in a local search.


Making a website look good in all of the web browser is necessary because you don’t want to lose your user just because your layout does not open correctly in some browser.


Creating website pages and optimizing content based on the keywords and services.


We will send your current Keyword Status report on Google, Yahoo and Bing. After that you will get weekly ranking report with comparison of success in keyword position.


We will create social media accounts on major social media websites like facebook, linkedin, twitter, pinterest etc to drive relevant traffic to your website.


Social Bookmarking is a method for Internet users to organize, store, manage and search for bookmarks online. It is one of the good tools to create additional inbound links to your content, which is always a good way to gain the attention of search engine bots and to increase your page ranking.


We will submit various images relevant to keyword with short description in various Image Submission websites that would be beneficial for your website.


Blog Commenting is considered as one of the easiest ways to get free one way links to your website. It helps to increase your Google position within a short period even for highly competitive keywords.


Every day work on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ to make more and more people in network. I will do updations in your accounts.


We will create web 2.0 to create link juice for your website.


Listing your business/website in 10 directories like yelp and yellow pages.


In PRODUCT SUBMISSION we have described all important product information like features, prices, etc. Product Submission of data feeds gives you time-sensitive. If you have a new product that you would like us to carry in our stores, please follow these steps to make the process efficient, enjoyable and speedy.


It is a best way for business promotion on the web. On the profile creation website you put your business details or services. So business visitors are increasing and you will get business projects. Profile creation is one link building technique in which we create profile in the different platform's website, such as forum sites, social networking, web 2.0 websites etc and give our business details in it and also give our website link to that profile page from which we can get back links to our website. Profile creation is an effective technique to get better backlinks.


We will check your top competitors website backlinks and build link on that backlinks.


We will make backlinks through video marketing. Search Engine Submission refers to the act of getting your website listed with search engines. Another term for this is search engine registration which helps us to receive massive targeted traffic to your website.


We will submit PPT on top sites in good one-way backlinking technique.


Infographic describe your product completely in a single image. In which you can add complete information about your product or a company. People want information quickly and that's why infographics are so great. There is no better way to explain how infographics are an effective marketing tool than in the form of an easy to follow infographic.


Web 2.0 are sites which allow you to create your own page with a unique url. You may publish information and point links from it to your website. Web 2.0 sites are considered as quality websites and building pages and publishing content through web 2.0 sites would help in link building and achieving top results in serps.

SEO Packages That Grow Businesses

SEO is very important factor that pushes an online business to grow much and much bigger. It not only builds Search Engines trust for your business; it also develops customers loyalty to your Brand or business. As, Search engine refer visitors towards your business, so it causes a customer belief on your product and brand. SEO has an ability to return back 5 to 6 times more than you have spent on SEO of your business.

UpSEO is Just offering some SEO packages that are designed by keeping in mind the level of different businesses. You can choose a package desired for your business. Once you have purchased one of our packages, we will be with you to assure you that the money you have paid for our package is in secure hands and soon will results 5 to 6 times more. We care about our client, once you have engaged yourself with us, we will guarantee the growth of your business.

Sometime clients think that they have some instructions for working team. Don’t worry we care for you feelings. You can call us at our number given below.

SEO services packages from UpSEO

Overall Purpose of marketing a business is to make people know about your business. Once you have ranked your business for your target audience and customers, your business growth curve will be in sharp growth. Ranking on First page or first number is not an easy job.

When you try to hire some good agency for your business, you can’t believe on all local agencies. WebFX is best for you. why? Because we firstly analyze your business and decide what specific audience can be targeted for your business. Target audience generates sales to your products.

When you talk about target audience, you need to judge to activities of your audience by research. For this purpose, keyword research helps us to generate more and relevant traffic for any business. Our UpSEO packages provide you all you need for your product sales.

Here are the benefits you can expect from UpSEO.
  • Keyword Research: We research high CPC and viral keywords for our clients. We assure our keyword selection must match your brand/ business requirements. We only choose low competition, highly rank able and traffic catching keywords.
  • Google Analytics Set-up: The main focus of UpSEO is to win the client’s trust. So, we install and setup Google analytics for your website. So that you can continuously analyze how we are performing.
  • Site Map Submission: Search Engines start indexing your website when you submit your website sitemap on search engine sitemap tools. It is very important for SEO. It is your online presence verification for search engines.
  • Ongoing quarterly reports: Our team wants to keep you in the loop. That’s why we offer quarterly reporting with our monthly SEO packages. You’ll get information on keyword reporting, monthly return on investment (ROI), traffic reporting, goal reporting, and more.

As we know your money is important for you. That’s why we try our best to return your all of your money. So, we design our seo monthly packages in a way that it causes more than expected results. Ranking of your website is our core purpose.

Pricing based on knowledge and experience

It is our duty to make our Pricing packages visible to our clients. We think it is client’s basic right to know about where their investment is going. We don’t keep our prices secret. Our SEO prices are calculated based on our Internet marketing services experiences.

We don’t make our any working plan secret for our clients like other agencies. UpSEO believe on ROI principle. We care about our clients to learn how our agency and our team work. If you are interested to know, get a quote for free by contacting us.

Why invest in an SEO package?

It is a question that why a business owner should invest in an SEO Package. You must know that 93% traffic use search engines to find anything. If you want customers trust on your brand and more sales for your product. You must need to Optimize your website for Search Engines. SEO is the only way to get a bulk of traffic from search engines. You can get recommendations from other experts, but here we are explaining five important reasons for SEO packages.

1. You gain your audience’s trust and authority

Every user trust Google and other search engines that they will show only best and exact results for their traffic. When Google ranks a website on first page, it means that website has perfect content for the search query. It builds user trust to your website.

Once you succeed to win user’s trust and authority, you will get your business on it is peak. To get your business known to everyone with full user trust you can choose UpSEO packages.

2. It’s cost-effective

According to a study, 71 percent of searches result in a page-one organic click. This means that it's extremely important to have your content showing up on page one of Google - and that goal is nearly unattainable without an SEO campaign.

SEO is an investment, but it drives valuable results for your business. Depending on your monthly SEO package, it can cost anywhere from $800 - $2,500 per month.

SEO brings more traffic towards your website. It means there are more leads for your product. Once you have started generating leads, you will not bother to pay for an SEO Package. UpSEO assure more leads for your product.

Let’s say you sell expensive tool kits and your SEO plan is $1,300 a month. Each kit sells for $100. You would only need to sell 13 kits, attract 13 leads, to break even on your investment.

SEO generates lot of leads towards your product. It is cost effective method. You don’t need to pay for leads when you have ranked your site on first page. It does not mean that PPC is not cost effective, it is but SEO is more.

3. It provides substantial ROI

When you market your website, it means that you need ROI. We design our SEO Packages in way that causes to generate more and more sales to your business product. We make sure our clients that we are generating ROI for them during ranking. Once you have ranked, it generates more then you’re thinking.

Optimizing your site for search engine is a basic need of your business progress. It builds user’s trust and your website’s authority. By authority your business becomes famous and known to your target audience. The main goal of marketing is to be known to your target audience. Once you have done it, your speed of progress will be in rapid growth.

Search engines, more often than not, are the starting places for a product or service search, and they're becoming more and more popular with each passing day. In fact, more than half of all Internet users search at least once a day. Missing out on this market can potentially be a huge loss for your company.

At UpSEO, we'll work with you to turn that loss into a major gain by implementing a custom SEO campaign with a search engine optimization packaged tailored to your business.

4. It drives local traffic

Not all business you do will be online. Some people prefer to go to a physical location to buy a product. SEO helps you reign in these local leads and get them to visit your business. A big part of SEO is optimizing for keywords. Keywords trigger your website to appear in the search results.

By optimizing for local SEO, you help your website appear in more relevant search results. Local keywords typically contain phrases like “near me” and “in [city].” These are phrases people use when they’re looking for local businesses.

SEO helps you optimize for these keywords. You can integrate these keywords on your site to help your business rank better for local search queries. This allows you to drive more local traffic for your business. UpSEO has ability to rank your site on local keywords. The only way is to choose our package and get your business like a fast-moving train.

5. SEO works

Perhaps the most important attribute of SEO is that it works. It grows your business up to its peak level. It drives as much as traffic needed by your plan. It builds your business trust, authority and rankings. All these factors generate conversions. What you have to do is to buy a smart SEO Package for your business.

6. Your competitors are doing it

In a business it is a huge challenge for an owner to compete his competitors. It is not a child’s play; all are trying their best to be number 1 and leave other behind. In online marketplace the important thing is, the more traffic you have the more sales are possible.

In a business it is a huge challenge for an owner to compete his competitors. It is not a child’s play; all are trying their best to be number 1 and leave other behind. In online marketplace the important thing is, the more traffic you have the more sales are possible.

By investing in a monthly SEO package, you will drive better results with your campaign. You’ll remain in competition with your competitors and work to outrank them.

How do I determine the best SEO package?

When you are looking to buy SEO for your website. It is very difficult to decide which package of SEO is suitable for your business. You don’t need to worry about this, we have listed some basic features, they help you to choose best and best ever package.

You can also contact us for more info.


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